ŻABBAR, AUGUST 8, 2023 (CISA)- Bishop Emeritus Paul Darmanin of the Order of the Friars Capuchin who died on July 25 at the age of 82 was laid to rest on August 3, 2023, with Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta describing him as a “disciple of the kingdom of heaven.”

In his homily during the funeral of Bishop Paul Darmanin and his sister Mary in Żabbar, Archbishop Scicluna said “as we give our last Christian respects, full of faith and hope, we remember Bishop Paul as the disciple, the wise writer, a teacher who truly became a disciple of the kingdom of heaven.”

Bishop Darmanin was the first prelate of the Catholic Diocese of Garissa in Kenya between 1984 and 2015 and eventually returned home to Malta, where he lived in the friary of the Franciscan Capuchins in Floriana.

During the August 3 funeral, the archbishop highlighted Bishop Darmanin’s devotion to Mary, pointing out that “in his Franciscan Capuchin vocation he remained the son of the mother of Jesus and when the Lord called him to be the successor bishop of the apostle, he chose as a motto the words: ‘led by the mother of Jesus, by Mary.”

He added that Bishop Darmanin was a disciple of the kingdom of heaven, in all circumstances of his life, as a Capuchin monk in Malta, a provincial, then bishop “who out of the depth of the love of his heart gave both the new and the old.”

“The old reflected in his loyalty to the teachings, the tradition of the Church, with the apostolic fervour that testified to the name he was given at baptism: Paul the Apostle, our Father, the missionary apostle. But even the new; he dedicated his life to seeing the dream of Garissa becoming a diocese led by the Franciscan Capuchins come true and grow into a community of faith, hope and love, it was also the adventure of his life, the love of his life. He did not do it alone. He was a man who with his gentleness, with his considerate word, also knew how to encourage others to be disciples of the Lord like him.”

Bishop Darmanin’s sister Mary who was also laid to rest on August 3, was eulogized by Archbishop Scicluna saying “today we also say goodbye to his sister who took care of him and he took care of her. The Lord called them within a few days of each other. In the mystery of the Lord’s mercy, we look at him and adore him. To understand him, we must first meet him face to face and on the day we meet the Lord face to face, together with our brothers Bishop Paul and his sister Mary. We really don’t care why but we are lucky enough to meet the love, the mercy, the sweet embrace of the one who truly loves us.”

Following the funeral, Bishop Darmanin’s burial took place in the crypt beneath the Holy Cross Church in Floriana.

Adopted from NEWSBOOK, Originally Posted on August 3, 2023